October 17, 2021


4 min read

The right habits are hopefully, they will turn your ugh habits into yay habits, we’re talking about five easy habits.


The first habit for you is to make your bed, all of these books talk about making your bed in the morning as an absolute game-changer, and here’s the main reason why it’s a keystone habit it’s small changes or habits that people are going to introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives, it’s kind of like a domino effect.

think about the mindset you’re gonna be in right after you make your bed, you’re gonna be like you just slew task number one of the day “I’m a boss” and then you feel that energy that productivity throughout the day, the state of your environment reflects the state of your mind, and vice versa the state of your mind reflects the state of your environment and overall from a science perspective what that does for you is it lowers your stress and improves your mood people who make their bed are 19 more likely to have a good night’s rest now look we’re not aiming for perfection this is okay you have made your bed this is the only con there’s a lot of like dry skin cells that come off of your body right and when you sweat it kind of sticks to the sheets if you do sweat you might want to let your sheets dry before you make your bed.

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