October 21, 2021


2 min read

If you want to show the beauty in all aspects, this what you should not do.

  • You sit badly

 by sitting upright you will not only look better but you will also help your body look slimmer and take care of your back if you sit hunched or crooked you could make it clear that you are an insecure man and that you do not trust yourself.

  • You are negative

 before any problem you see things in black for you, everything is lost and you cannot see light in the dark, maybe things won’t work out if you’re positive but they can help you keep your mind calm and think of solutions.

  • You walk without security

 nothing gives you more presence than the way you walk, wear shoes that reinforce your steps rather than wobble them, confidence is essential to give strong footsteps otherwise you will lose the floor.

  • You say rude things

 sometimes curses are necessary to express what we feel however, they do not sound well at all if you say them every three seconds, it’s best to keep your composure whenever you can be careful rudeness is not heard well in any person be it a man woman child or adult.

  • You don’t trust yourself 

a man is unattractive when he is unable to see how spectacular, powerful, capable intelligent, and attractive he is, if you don’t value yourself no one else will.

  • You speak evil of others 

yes, you love to give your opinion but you should never speak evil of others, you can know what is happening in their life, but never give an opinion that does not correspond to you, speaking badly of others could make it clear that you are not a nice or honest person.

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