October 16, 2021


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The habit of being punctual being on time

every single woman will appreciate in a man the habit of being punctual being on time, being punctual means that you value other people’s time. time is the most valuable thing in the world, can’t be bought you can’t be extended your time on earth is very very valuable so why would you waste someone else’s time by being late. 

and if you’re late to a date oh man that looks bad let me give you a tip it’s better for you to be early and for them to be late you wait for them then the opposite happening you know by being early, you are right you are correct and they are wrong for being late.

women will appreciate your punctuality because it will show them that you care and that is huge it’s attractive it shows you’re an adult you’re responsible you’re not playing any games so next time you’re going out to meet a girl or anyone make sure to leave early and arrive on time.

Have an opinion

a lot of guys are shy and they hang back when there’s a conversation going around the table but that’s not a good way to be women actually prefer men who have an opinion, they want to hear your voice and your thoughts on the matter so if you’re one of those guys who like to stand back

not speak up you’re gonna have to learn to be more vocal and show people that you do care and that you do have an opinion especially if you’re talking about something that you are passionate about you need to capitalize on that conversation and make sure that you’re letting people know that you have knowledge and passion, passion is attractive. having the courage to say something in a group setting that’s attractive because it can be intimidating sometimes so don’t hang back don’t become invisible standout and start talking about your passion, be open to conversations invite them in, and be present and memorable instead of invisible.

Creat Hygiene

if you don’t practice this habit there is just no chance that any girl would want to hang out with you

I am talking about your personal hygiene if you think a girl is gonna talk to a dude who has bad breath for anything longer than 30 seconds you are wrong my friend they will vote game over same for b.o same for crazy dirty nails or hair and the same applies for nose hair you know like really long hairs coming out of your ear weird places and of course maintenance down there you got to make sure that your package is taken care.

Complimenting People

the next habit that you need to start developing right now is complimenting people, this is the easiest way to get someone to open up to you, to smile, to appreciate you and what you’ve just said it’s a great positive habit to have and I’m not just saying with girls you should be doing that in general with people around you, just be honest straight to the point.

Having great manners

having great manners is also such an attractive habit guys this is something that gets forgotten nowadays which is insane to me i don’t understand these kids that run around with zero manners like no manners whatsoever (please thank you excuse me nice to meet you how are you …) simple things common sense that girls love and guys are forgetting to do opening the doors being a gentleman these are things that men have been doing for the longest time and should continue to do because that is just you being nice and having good manners, but the reality is if a girl is looking

for a boyfriend if she’s looking for a partner then she’s not going to go with a bad boy she is going to go with the guy that has a great manner.

Working out

 you know who else she’s going to go for the guy that is fit the guy that works out working out is such

an attractive right even for girls as guys we appreciate that we know how much work goes into being consistent at the gym waking up early before you go to work so that you can work outcome home take a shower then go to.

that’s a lot of work and you’re putting in that work i definitely appreciate that and girls are the same they’re gonna appreciate a guy who works out who has that discipline to stay in shape to look good to be healthy and that’s another huge thing they want a healthy guy.

Having a great work ethic

this one it’s definitely going to tell girls a lot about this person. having a great work ethic the person has amazing work ethic they have manners they’re responsible they respect other people they are dedicated they work hard they are on time they’re punctual they pretty much have all of these benefits because they have great work so just right there that is a good dude right.

 if you have a good work ethic you’re usually a good person you’re a good dude you’re dedicated you’re organized and that is all attractive.

girls will really appreciate that any woman that you talk to and they notice that you have a great work ethic they will applaud you because it’s amazing and it’s hard to do have great work ethic means that

you’re responsible because you’re responsible with your career you want to improve you want to get somewhere which is also attractive for women it means that you’re organized that you’re on time. After all, if you’re not any of those things that you don’t have a good work ethic so you must develop the habit of having that good work ethic so that you can use that in your social life.

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