October 16, 2021


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Stress can sometimes be a mental thing and sometimes it can be a physiological thing where your palms are sweaty your knees are weak arms are heavy.

the feeling of being stressed can be triggered by any event that makes you feel frustrated or nervous. any event anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, or uneasiness the thing with both of these is that they work in in a marriage with each other, and I want us to think about it kind of like a pressure gauge when you’re in the green zone, a little stress is good a little stress is a secret sauce to a life you know you want to be challenging yourself you want to be pushing yourself to get that growth, but when you get to these levels here when you get to the yellow and the red that’s when stress can start to take over and now you’re starting to react from a place of stress, and you’re not reacting from a place of calm and rationality.

i really want us to think about what are the free tools that nature has to offer that we can actually utilize when we’re in moments of stress and anxiety, carbon dioxide is more fundamental than oxygen, and what carbon dioxide does for us is it helps with hemoglobin which is the red blood cells that actually carries oxygen to all of our organs and tissues carbon dioxide is actually the thing that stimulates breathing that tells us when to breathe fast and when to breathe slow.

now think about breathing faster most of us do this when we are anxious when we’re stressed out when we are feeling any kind of heightened emotion right co2 is responsible for getting oxygen to our organs and tissues so if we don’t have enough co2 we’re not going to get oxygen to our main organs and tissues and we’re gonna start to feel numb we’re gonna start to feel dizzy we’re gonna start to feel nauseous we’re gonna get headaches and that’s because we’re actually breathing faster blew my freaking mind our bodies decide how to breathe not based on oxygen levels they decide how to breathe based on carbon dioxide levels so let’s talk about how we can actually use it to our advantage, because if we can flex this then we have the capability to be able to hold our breath to be able to control our breath in moments of stress to be able to tell our bodies when things are in control to always have control in that sense.

now instead of giving people pills what if we could train these people to control and flex their chemo receptors by holding their breath what if we could do that because the chances are that the people who have anxiety and depression they are also most likely mouth breathers , and if you have really bad breathing habits you’re not able to control your breath when you are in moments of panic when you are in moments of stress so to avoid an attack like when they’re about to get to an attack or if they’re feeling really stressed out usually people will breathe too much and when you breathe too much you’re offloading too much co2 and when you offload too much co2 you’re training your body to function with low co2 levels so whenever you hold your breath for even a little bit more or whenever you get a little bit more co2 your body is hypersensitive to that gas that they’re over breathing because they’re anxious and then they’re anxious because they’re over breathing , so it’s a vicious cycle how do we use breath to our advantage you got to breathe slow and less what you’re doing when you’re breathing slow and less is you’re retaining carbon dioxide into your body you’re trying to get to like five inhales and five exhales in a minute , so you’re trying to train your body to become, with high co2 levels and it’s going to reverse your dizziness it’s going to reverse shortness of breath it’s going to not get you to feel those feelings of suffocation so right before an attack if you’re going to have a panic attack or if you’re feeling really burnt out if you’re feeling like you’re about to burst and something’s going to happen breathe slow and less what i want us to try to do right now is i want us to take a short inhale from our nose and a long exhale from our nose , so short inhale long exhale and then we’re going to do one set of normal breathing and then short and then long, so let’s try short long exhale normal normal short long normal normal that’s an exercise you can try to get comfortable with higher co2 levels and if you want you can add in a breath hold right after that and then you can do the whole process again.

so if you are somebody who has stress or anxiety hold your breath don’t take a deep breath just hold your breath, if you ever can like to take a hit of some co2 to see what’s up see how that makes you feel so it’s called carbon dioxide therapy maybe ask your doctor see if that’s a thing especially if you’re taking pills I would think carbon dioxide therapy is a lot better than taking pills you know this is something that’s free it’s something that’s available which is why I’m like so passionate about this because there’s no way to monetize breathing like it’s just breathing

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