October 17, 2021


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When it comes to habits it’s like oh my goodness we’re talking about habits ugh, but habits are mad legit, the first frequently heard complaint is «I can’t stick to a habit » so habits are essentially just behaviors that’s it it’s something that you are doing or not doing a habit is made up of three components so the first piece is a trigger and then that releases a set of patterns, this is essentially the routine that you fall into it’s your autopilot mode or if you want to call it a zombie mode, whatever you know up to you and after that, you reward yourself.

Changing your trigger for sure possibility changing your patterns for sure a possibility lots of ways to do that there are endless endless iterations so if you actually have a habit that you’re trying to break my recommendation is here it’s this thing called habit stacking, so you’re stacking one habit on top of another this is exactly why I love morning routines we all have these habits already in our day.

So how do we now build a new habit after this trigger, let’s look at some examples so say you want to start a new habit of working out here your trigger can be waking up followed by a new set of patterns of wearing gym clothes and going to work out the reward dopamine and serotonin you’re feeling fine, and you’re feeling accomplished for getting done, another example say you want to start a new habit of reading here the trigger is eating dinner which leads to a new habit of reading for 15 minutes here the reward is you learn some stuff you feel smart and bonus you break your habit of watching tv, but obviously if you’ve never done this new habit and you suddenly start want to stack like five habits on top of each other you’re probably gonna fail so we’re gonna start with one and then we’re gonna you know slowly build on that after we start to get comfortable with that habit.

another thing that trips people up is habits with big lofty goals, so let’s make the habit so easy that you can’t say no :

Day one of meditating: I sit still for 1 minute.

Day 2 of meditating: I sit still for one minute with my eyes closed.

Day 3 of meditating: I sit still for one minute with my eyes closed and focus on my breath.

Then you start to increase your time increments, after day 30 you’re gonna be able to say I meditated for 465 minutes over 30 days on average that’s 15.5 minutes per day, this is what we’re talking about.

If you can repeat that every day, guys that’s the answer to life that is literally the secret sauce like there’s nothing else dissect for yourself what are the cues what are my routine patterns, and then what is that reward I’m giving myself consciously or unconsciously right, and then you choose to have it stack by building on something that you’re already doing in the day.

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