October 16, 2021


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Ever wondered how long it takes to make a habit a part of your lifestyle.

Day one you start the habit day 21 it takes to build the habit, you understand how the habit works how it makes you feel what are the kinks of the habit, you still don’t know what this habit can accomplish for, you only if you do it for 90 days will you understand the power of the habit and that is how a habit will become part of your lifestyle.

 stop also setting ourselves up for failure, we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves think about internalizing this I need to work out for at least an hour a day and especially if you’re going from zero not working out to then working out that’s a lot of pressure, the reason this is not working for you is because you’re seeking a result, not a ritual, how fit they look at how much money they make yeah what kind of house they have those are outcomes and a lot of us when we think about building habits we’re just trying to get to the goal we’re not trying to be the person who gets the goal, so if you want to build a lasting habit you got to focus on the behavior, not the outcome.

so you got to start small make it so small that it’s hard to say no so, for example, you want to start meditating, can you sit still for a minute create an environment that works for you most people kind of ignore the environment that they’re in they’re just like hey I’m going to focus on willpower we have a limited will power in a specific period of time and that’s the thing that we call decision fatigue have you ever heard of somebody who eats healthy while they’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy food? No. have you ever seen somebody who is super positive but all of their friends are really negative? No. 

 if something is luring you if something is the devil remove it and I know it’s a lot easier said than done which is why these things take time, and then at the end of the day what gets measured gets done, so find yourself a bullet journal this was a fun little habit grid I created for myself to track three habits daily over a hundred days super rewarding to see the progress you can report to a friend at the end of the week so that could be your accountability buddy, you can chart it write something fun for math geeks out there or any kind of excel geeks out there track your progress on a graph what gets measured gets done so if you’re looking out for it it’s going to happen.

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