October 16, 2021


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Discipline leaves room for creativity at a higher level, that’s the one thing that sets talent apart from the greats is discipline.

«I don’t want to lose my spontaneity» I hear this a lot from people who have a negative association with discipline because they think that disciplined people are kind of robotic they kind of are monotonous in terms of how they execute and they’re not really creative individuals.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who is this guy ! he is the father of flow, so he is famous for this diagram :

mihaly csikszentmihalyi’s model of flow as related to challenge and ability.

and basically what this diagram is telling you is that the more skill you have in any particular thing and the more it challenges you, the higher your chances of reaching flow. how do you get skill in something you got to do it often right,

when you are in flow in red, not inflow in orange your productivity your motivation your creativity, and your learning all jump up, and guys this jump is in the triple digits when you are building skill in something so you’re disciplined enough to build skill in something and it’s challenging you, you are going to achieve flow and you’re going to unlock even more creativity, so now you’re not creating at level one you’re creating at like level 3000.

what I wanted to also say here unfortunately and this is kind of a sad story is that most people are actually in apathy, especially with covid, I mean even before covid but especially with covet where they feel like their days are becoming one long day, so they don’t know where their day ends where it begins they’re doing the same every day it’s a routine they’re not challenging them themselves in any way.

the human society is not gonna advance much if we’re all just apathetic right so let’s try to build scale in one thing just one thing right and then let’s push ourselves so that it’s challenging us so that we can unlock all of this amazing goodness, training your brain to create on command is really what takes you to the next level right like repetitive routine, for example setting an hour for yourself every day that hey I’m gonna create you end up spending more hours being creative in total in terms of your life and that’s exactly what all successful creators have said that they have a dedicated scheduled time to be creative.

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