October 16, 2021


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The basic idea, it’s simple, is that we all, as human beings, have basic needs. This has been around for a long time, Maslow’s pyramid, for example, was invented by Maslow, a psychologist American precisely told us that we all had basic needs that were broken down into a pyramid. And one of Maslow’s teachings is that we all have, as human beings, the same needs. And the basic idea is to think that if we meet these basic needs and vital things common to all human beings, if we answer them a little every day, well we are going to have a good day. If we meet all of our needs every day, we will have a good day. And the succession of good days creates a good life. So basically putting a few things in place every day, it just allows us to have a good life. It’s simple, it’s easy to apply for everyone, but sure enough, and it’s there where I have to warn you, you have to be careful not to overdo it. We must keep it simple. 

 7 things to apply daily in a simple way, without it being too extreme to have a good life. 

  • Get moving

We are told it on television, we are told it in the newspapers, we are told it everywhere. You have to move every day. We are made like that. Our ancestors spent their time hunting, gathering. Then they spent time working in the fields. Our body needs to be active. Today we are in a civilization that is rather sedentary, that is to say, that we don’t move much, we spend a lot of time in the office, in cars, in transport, and that is killing us. So the idea is to take care of your body, to take care of your physical activity in two forms. You can do on the one hand a little intense exercise (jogging, cycling) and on the other hand, activities that are a little softer, for example, walking, muscle building. And besides, if you want to do physical activities every day, if you move everyday day, that doesn’t mean you have to jog every day, but it does mean that you need to do gentle physical activities every day. I advise you to vary in three areas. Physical activity that gets your heart working (cardio). Physical activity that makes your muscles work a little (muscle building, small, simple exercises). And physical activity that relaxes your muscles (yoga, stretching). If you combine these three activities, well you will be in good shape and moving will give you a good life. for example, I walk every day, every day i do a trampoline, everyday muscle development, muscle building (push-ups, abdominals). All this I do from Monday to Friday and on weekends, often Sunday.

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