October 14, 2021


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Swimming is considered one of the most popular and most practiced sports by athletes, as some consider it a fun sport, and a sport that provides them with activity and vitality at all times. Swimming is classified as the basis of a movement that aquatic organisms move without reaching the bottom of a body of water or a pond. Swimming has evolved throughout history. In the old days, it was very necessary, especially for soldiers. Today, swimming has had another role. It is considered one of the recreational and sporting activities that give the body many important benefits, in addition to being a global sport that has its own competitions, leagues and laws. This sport is one of the most important Olympic sports.

Types of swimming

There are many types of swimming; Which may vary in the extent of a person’s ability to master and master them correctly, and the following shows the most prominent of these types    :

  • Free swimming:

It is also called front crawl, and it is considered the easiest type of swimming that can be learned, and one of its advantages is that it allows a person to move quickly inside the water, and free swimming was a type that the swimmer could use any method he wanted to practice. However, this matter changed later and became what is known as front crawl is the approved method for practicing this type of swimming, and this type of swimming includes changing a person’s arms while his head is underwater and then breathing it by placing the head on its sides in addition to performing regular kicks across the legs.

  • Sidestroke:

this type of swimming is considered important in rescuing people who may be exposed to drowning, and this type of swimming can be practiced by lying on one side in the water, while keeping the head, back, and legs in the A straight line, and then moving the arms in similar movements in conjunction with a scissor kick using the legs.

  • Backstroke:

this type of swimming is based on the player lying on his back in the water, keeping his head above the water, and then moving the arms in a circular motion; While the legs are used to perform the powerful flutter kick.

  • Swimming breaststroke :

Both arms are moved together in semi-circular motions underwater in this type of swimming, and the legs should be used together by a kick known as the whip kick; In which both legs are opened together and then joined together under the water quickly, and this type of swimming can be practiced by keeping the head raised above the surface of the water, but there are many professional swimmers who practice this type of swimming by placing their heads under the water And they take in the air as they move forward.

  • Butterfly:

One of the most difficult types of swimming. Mastering this type requires possession of strength and the ability to coordinate between different parts of the body, and in this type the arms are moved together and the whole body is moved in a wave-like movement, while the legs are moved in a movement known as the dolphin kick, during which the legs are moved together.

Swimming Laws

Laws on the sport of swimming are set by the international body overseeing the sport of swimming, the International Swimming Federation (Fédération Internationale de Natation), referred to by the acronym (FINA); The mission of the Federation is to prepare regulations for world swimming events, including Olympic swimming, which are subject to a number of laws that are administered by a group of referees. Those who oversee the implementation of laws and ensure that the competition is conducted in a fair and accurate manner. Swimming laws prohibit swimmers from crossing the boundaries of the lane or what is known as the lane from which they set off. Swimming laws prohibit holding the lane line in order to propel swimmers themselves. In addition, it is forbidden to walk along the bottom of the pool or use any tools or devices for propulsion or floating; Like flippers, paddles, or other tools, swimmers’ suits must be made of woven fabric, and for men they must be from the waist to the knees and from the chest to the knees for women.

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