October 16, 2021


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You’re looking for a diet to put on lean body mass or protein to increase your lean mass, you’re probably wondering how much do I need and how or what do I choose to increase that lean protein
body mass.

will keep in mind when you’re looking at losing weight or increasing muscles mass, you need to have various foods because a variety of foods provide a variety of nutrients, both macronutrients, and our micronutrients, for instance, our vitamins and minerals well-rounded diet of your whole grains fruits vegetables lean, proteins and low-fat milk will overall help you have a healthy diet just good for any overall health as well, now our body does lose weight in a combination of fat and protein so when reboot rebuilding protein are working it out we do need to supplement good proteins as well and I do stress the low-fat or fat-free dairy products as well as your lean and low-fat cuts of meat.

now our body really only means about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight you’re saying what’s the kilogram well by two that’s roughly a kilogram and to just round up even if you want your bodyweight you can do, half of your weight in pounds and then multiply that just by one for the amount of protein and I said that’s really all the amount of protein you need so try not to go overboard with the protein supplements and shakes as well as incorporating regular dietary protein, and keep in mind we don’t get protein just from our animal sources, you do get some a little bit from your vegetables as well as your whole grains to get it from many sources.

also if you’re increasing your protein make sure to increase your fluids as extra protein does put some strain on the filtering organs in our bodies such as our liver and kidneys, and that extra fluid will help alleviate some of that stress hopefully you can find us some good happy medium in there keep a moderate well-rounded diet and also choose those healthy proteins when supplementing in your diet.

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